Month: June 2023

How to Install Siding in a House

To begin any siding job, prepare the surface of the wall. This includes any framing or trim repairs that are needed. Calculate area of wall by measuring length and height. Take note of gables or other dormers. Layout Most siding projects require measuring and securing trim pieces on the walls. To begin a project properly,…

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How to Install House Siding

The first step in any siding project is to prepare the wall surface. This includes framing repairs, and installing water-resistant trim. Calculate the area by measuring the length and height of each wall, noting any gables or roof dormers. Then cut J-channel strips using this data. Layout Most siding jobs require measuring and attaching trim…

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How to Repair Vinyl siding

Repairing your vinyl siding should be easy if you find any cracks or holes. All you need to do is take the right steps to get your vinyl looking like new again. Remove the panel by carefully prying out any nails that are in the nailing hem. Cracks Cracked vinyl siding is not only unsightly…

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